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Repurposed Antique Mirror

Hey crafty ladies, it's been too long since my last post I know ;) but the holidays have creeped up way to fast on me and I'm just trying to finish a few projects that are half finished! Isn't that always the way? We have good intentions, and tell ourselves, let's stay focused on that ONE project until it's completed and not start another! But, I'll admit I am guilty of getting "unfocused" and so...started three different painting projects. Two new bargains I recently got my hands on...A new oak table that worked out to be perfect for my new farm table, (wait till you see ) another gate legged table in walnut, and a few antique mirrors. One of the mirrors I recently got from a new friend, thank you Kristy! I knew this mirror would look perfect above my new buffet makeover. I has a lovely ribbon detail and its round and about 24" in diameter. Since the legs on the buffet are black and a nice edge on the mirror, I thought a soft black with dry brushed detail would fit the space perfectly, right to the side on our shiplap. Wait till she sees it at my upcoming Gnome making party!

This mirror was an antique gold color and wouldn't fit my farmhouse decor, but now it's coated in two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash, a pretty soft black, and I love it. This paint is so easy to work with and has a great bonding quality, and it goes a long way! I thought it was a bit pricey for the size container, but I soon realized you can do a good amount of painting with the one jar, and the pigment is wonderful.

One thing about the FMP line is the darker colors tend to have more of a sheen because of the pigment, since I didn't want that finish, I opted to make the color a matte by adding a tablespoon of Plaster of Paris powder. Yes, this is a common DIY chalk paint recipe in the crafty world, and I find it works excellent for getting the paint to a matte finish. I add the POP powder to a little water to make a slurry in a separate container then add my paint a little at a time. You don't need much and you want the paint spreadable and not too thick. Think mayo consistency. Always work in a separate container like a mason jar with a cover or I save chinese food containers for this reason ;) . For me the final outcome of the piece and how well it covers and adheres is the deciding factor and why I use certain brands of paints. If you want more information and to see their full color and product line go to www.fusionmineralpaint.com or on IG #fusionmineralpaint , see all the wonderful things you can do with this paint! It self levels and once cured is very strong and durable. I am going to paint my front door next after seeing the Instagram christmas door post today, so pretty! I have a few other brands on my list yet to try also. Below is a little "how-to" video on how to dry brush with paint. Dry brushing can be tricky and takes a little practice, so when you're first starting out practice the color on something else before you put that brush on your nice new project! This is the final step if you want to highlight the features of your piece. I always use the cheap chip brushes for my dry brushing since they are uneven, bristly and work the paint perfectly imperfect if that makes sense. So go repurpose something you think has seen better days in your home, give it new life, you can do this.. the artist is in you!

Coming soon will be some of my pen and watercolor winter botanical drawings. I have been loving some youtube videos and practicing my drawing for some winter greeting cards. So simple really, but elegant and can be so personalized. Happy Holidays to all, and thanks for following !


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