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Mom's best ever Banana Bread

We all seem to be baking and cooking more since we are doing our best to stay at home during this challenging time . I want to share one of my mom's best recipes and one of my favorites, her yummy and moist banana bread! The recipe card is linked here and just a few things to keep in mind. Most importantly for taste and for the bread to take on that shiny glossy top after a day or so, the bananas must be really ripe and brown enough that the skins have plenty of bruising. Using butter that is soft and the added little bit of milk and her personal tweek the orange zest gives this bread it's great flavor and moist texture.

You'll love the smell in your kitchen and it's so hard to wait until it's cool. Having tea and warm banana bread... and oh, you are so going back for a second slice. Enjoy!

The recipe card is in two parts on my Pinterest Page (canva only lets me share one pin at a time with one page )




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