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Farmhouse Shelf Brackets

I really wanted some great looking open shelving for our kitchen makeover. It was confusing, my head was spinning, looking at all the Pinterest and Houzz photos for the best look, since I knew once I put those big screws and anchors in a spot they were there for good! No way was I messing up my new faux brick wall (yes we will get to that on another post, I promise ). I wasn't into the brackets in metal that all the big box stores had, meh, nope. Did I want big chunky corbels under the shelf (ahhh no not at about 50.00 each online), could hubby cut me some with his scroll saw, probably not.... well he could if I drew out the template..but that wasn't happening, trust me, it's too much of a fussy thing! Plus honestly they would be too bulky for the wall. So I took a few trips to some local antique shops and flea markets in the area, and for sure this area in Massachusetts is good antique territory! I didn't find shelf brackets but Hey, I found a few cool baskets for whitewashing and a nice old rolling pin. ;o)

Unfortunately I would find one, or one pair and this girl needed two pair! My shelf was going to be a good 10" and not the normal 8", so I could put a good pile of stuff on them. Did I tell you I am a dish horder, haha yup, but that's a story for another post. So it came down to searching and searching online for the perfect set that looked farmhouse enough, but not too busy or too fancy looking. I heard that some don't even come with screws, or the holes are not cut out good or the metal or iron is weak in that area. Last thing I want happening friends, is my pile of beautiful farmhouse trinkets and favorite dishes going crashing to the floor! I ended up getting these pretty brown rod iron "scroll vine" ones that are just lovely from Amazon! 7" up and 8" across the shelf, perfect! I did my faux natural driftwood wash technique (4 layers) which gave the light look I wanted (kinda like pottery barn furniture ) and they would go nicely. I will get into lots of my different painting techniques later for sure, I always have requests for those. So what do you think, nice huh? If you have some shelf staging questions or dilemmas, drop me a line, I love to help friends with setting up the right accessories to make it look organized and well put together. Happy decorating! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FB69ZUS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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