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Cookies & Cocoa

The Holidays snuck up on us, when did that happen? The shopping, the crowds, the events and fairs, more shopping, UGH the traffic, and YES the cold weather! And if that's not bad enough, you left one of your new leather gloves in the store, which one, no clue.

So, it's terrific isn't it when you finally get home from all that holiday rushing around, settled all warm and cozy in your jammies in front of the TV? And browsing through the line up.. your frown turns upside down, :)) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is on tonight! And the perfect accompaniment to that movie, alongside the other favorite time of course, "the tree trimming", is a simple and quick nice hot - homemade - marshmallows included, Cocoa, (no hershey's here). Easy and oh so yummy.

Take your milk in the saucepan warm it up gently, for the amount of cups you are making. One for hubby, one for the kids, and two for you ;o) . Watch that it doesn't boil over cause girl that's no fun to clean up off the stove, trust me, I have done it! Add 2 tablespoons of real cocoa (baking chocolate powder) for each cup of cocoa and now the sugar. I add usually 1/2 cup of sugar for 4 cups of milk and then once its warm enough I test it to make sure it's the sweetness I like. I usually add a bit of cream when I want to make it extra special.

optional additions : vanilla or peppermint extract, coffee (teaspoon of instant granules or some cold coffee)

Please don't forget the marshmallows, (or fluff) that's the icing on the cake! Get out the microplane and put a little dusting of chocolate on top or fresh nutmeg or yes sprinkles. Now, go sneak a few of those hot and gooey chocolate chips cookies the kids just made, right off the cookie sheet! You so deserve it don't ya think, after a long day of holiday craziness? Now go watch Rudy, put those feet up and sip.


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