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A special Christmas treat

This year for Christmas I wanted to make something special for our #1 furbaby Boo Boo. I purchased Greenies and other better brand treats for him many times for one of his presents, but since I make so many things homemade, I thought it was time I make him some homemade treats. Making your own treats for your pet is quick and easy, you know what is in them, and wow do they love them! They give us so much love and I swear he now smiles when I get out the jar up in the cabinet, he circles under foot! I have to wash my hands right after giving him one also, because he will nudge me all day long! lol. I know there are other recipes that also include catnip, so when the day comes that I want my cat to jump off the walls more than he already does, I will make those.

Wishing all our special fur babies a healthy and comforting New Year! For the link to the recipe go here,"Salmon kitty Treats"


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