Meet Linda

I will always be that funny girl with the strong Boston accent who loves to dabble in just about everything.  I can easily find a good reason to redecorate, DIY something, or plan a dinner party for the girls. When it's time to decorate, my mind automatically kicks into "designer mode", playing with colors, patterns, and textures, until I achieve the perfect combination.   Whether it's food or designing a tablescape, it's always about the details! 


Farmhouse and Mid-Century Modern are my decors of choice, and both present in our home. ( I know such opposites, right? ), and working with old wood is my jam!  Hubby is my biggest fan, and always ready with the big boy tools (but sometimes with a grumble) to help with my DIY projects.  We spend most of our free time during summer and fall in our teardrop camper "Firefly".  We live for the peaceful outdoor experiences, and this girl loves to make campfire skillet dinners.  We have the cutest kitty named boo-boo that is the love of our life, and should have his own instagram page, lol, and yes he loves camping!  

So grab your coffee and join me for all my recipes, decorating tips, and DIY adventures.  I'm sure to pull out the cast iron skillet, or the craft supplies, so things could get a little messy! 

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